Advanced features

All eiver features built into your driver relationship tools. For car manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, insurers, maintainers, long and short hauliers, driver assistance service providers, motorway network concessionaires

Customer loyalty

Your drivers are rewarded for their responsible behavior; This reward allows promotional offers on value-added services to build customer loyalty. Decrease of insurance premiums, discounts on car maintenance, electronic toll collection, carbon offsetting, etc.

Driver Relationship Management

eiverInside includes custom transactional email sending modules related to recorded travel, trip and vehicle profiles, weather conditions, vehicle maintenance, travel optimization, traffic info, and any other promotional information for a targeted clientele. A successful service of Driver Relationship Management (DRM)

Knowledge of automotive uses

Analysis and aggregation of displacement data – distances, average speeds, travel times, type of vehicle / fuel / model, driver profile (regular / occasional / frequent / coaster / cruiser / liner …) – allow to adapt your offers and anticipate the demand for services.

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